Re: "ORGANIZER (NOT PRESENT)" when I am / Computer connection gone?

The thread has been marked answered so I can't add a reply to it, but I still have this problem because the design changes are only part of the issue.

I use UberConference by phone and by computer usually using my phone to connect to the conference as a participant while using my computer (in view mode) to start the call.

Once the call is successfully started, I leave unless screen sharing is required. If screen sharing is needed, I maintain my audio connection as the conference organizer through the phone and share the screen on my computer (in view mode).

However, quite regularly, due to cellular network issues, the cellular reception on my phone gets worse and my conference call guests can't hear me. 

Before the redesign the solution to my phone connection being lost was relatively simple and seamless:

  1. I log into UberConference on my computer while still connected to the call on my phone, which is recognized as the organizer. 
  2. On my computer, I click "Join Call"
  3. UberConference warns me that I should not connect twice to the call, and it can cause echo. (To prevent this, I click "mute" on my iPhone.) I click "Connect Me Twice"
  4. My computer is now added to the call as a voice and audio participant.
  5. I hang up my phone. The conference stays connected.

This allows me to handle an awkward situation with my clients very easily. The call doesn't have to pause, and if I have entry / exit chimes off they never even know it happened.

Since the re-design, during calls when I try to join - or start - conference calls at all from my computer the only options are:

  • "I want to talk and listen — use: Phone" or
  • "I don't need audio. View Only" is all that is offered

When I click "Audio Options" or "Conference Info" there is no button to connect by computer at all. The functionality to connect as an organizer by computer seems to have been designed out of UberConference completely.


While the issue of not being recognized as an organizer (raised in the "organizer not present" thread) was fixed my concern is that that's a symptom of the problem, not the real issue. The functionality of the service seems to have changed, and I really hope that's not the case!

Help? :)


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