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Add a PIN

Business Users

  • Navigate to Settings>Additional Security>Require PIN for my conferences
  • Confirm the changes to your account
  • A Participant and Organizer PIN will now display on your Settings page

When you call into your own conference line, you'll be prompted to enter your Organizer PIN regardless of whether you're calling from your Organizer phone # or not.

Free Users

By default, Free users are required to have a Participant PIN. For the Organizer PIN, as long as the Free user calls into their conference line with their Organizer phone #, they will not be prompted to enter this PIN.

Change a PIN

Both Business and Free users can change their PINs at any time. Here's how:

  • Navigate to Settings>Participant PIN or Organizer PIN
  • Click Change
  • Confirm the change on your account

Remove a PIN

Business Users

  • Navigate to Settings>Additional Security>Don't Require PIN for my conferences
  • Your changes will save automatically

UberConference Tip: If your Team Admin requires a PIN, you will not be able to remove this feature.

Free Users

Free Users are only able to remove their Participant PIN and/or the Organizer PIN option by upgrading their account.


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