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Access deeper sales and marketing insights with UberConference for Salesforce. Our integration enables teams to:

View In-Conference Social Profiles

View pertinent Salesforce details right from your active conference screen when you link your UberConference account to Salesforce.

Just select View Profile on your Participant's card to display connected Salesforce information. 

UberConference will search your Salesforce account for any Contacts/Leads with the same name. If there's a match, the social profile will display their Salesforce info. 

After your conference, a call summary will be added to the Comments section of the logged Event under your Contact/Lead.

Automatically Log your Activities

Both scheduled calls and completed calls will appear as Tasks in Salesforce after you've linked your UberConference account

We match Leads/Contacts based on their email and/or phone number you've added to your UberConference account (click for larger image).

Each activity will log call details like:

  • Title
  • Conference Duration
  • Attendees
  • Transcript
  • Conference Recording

UberConference Tip: This feature won't create leads, but works off identifying known existing leads and contacts.

To avoid multiple matches, link your Participant's social profile to your Salesforce contact.This way, UberConference will log the call summary event right on your linked contact.

Having trouble logging activities?

Schedule UberConference from Salesforce

Schedule your next UberConference without ever leaving Salesforce when you download the UberConference app from the AppExchange. 

Salesforce teams can schedule meetings either by creating a new event or through the UberConference tab. Let's take a closer look at each. 

Schedule an Event

  • In Salesforce, navigate to Create New>Event
  • Enter in all pertinent event info (minus your UberConference info)
  • Check the UberConference box 
  • Select your Contact and click Add to Invitees

After entering your info and adding your Invitees, you can choose to either:

  • Save
  • Save & Send

If you opt for Save, the Invitees will only receive the UberConference invite.

If you opt to Save & Sendthe Invitees will receive an UberConference invite and a Salesforce notification.

Use the UberConference Tab

Create a conference via your UberConference Tab. Here's how:

  • In Salesforce, click on your UberConference tab
  • Search for either a Contact or Lead to add as a Participant
  • Select either Start Now or Schedule

If you opt for Start Now:

  • Conference invite is sent immediately
  • You're automatically dropped into your UberConference active conference 

Keep in mind that conferences with existing Contacts/Leads will be logged as a new Event in Salesforce for each occurrence. 


Have more questions? Check out our FAQ.

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