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If you are experiencing any echo on a call, there are a few steps you can take to help improve the situation. Usually, telephone callers will have no echo as telephones have the well-isolated microphone and speakers. 

Computer Audio Echo

  • You can lower your speaker volume to try to reduce the feedback between your computer's speakers, it's microphone or to prevent others from hearing themselves when they speak

  • You can plug in headphones which should eliminate any echo on your end

  • If you add a Bluetooth or USB speaker/microphone, you will need to make sure the device was selected as the output source in Chrome and your computer. Simply re-launch the Chrome browser after the device is plugged in.

Phone Audio Echo

  • If you are in a physical conference room with a speakerphone, make sure nobody else in the room has an active microphone to the conference.

  • If you are using a hand-held device, it's unlikely you are generating echo.

Participant Echo

  • The majority of the cases others might be the culprit, please refer them to this article or walk them through the steps to reduce echo

  • As a last resort, they can always be muted through the conference web view

Echo on Chrome

There's a known bug in Chrome where echo cancellation stops working after several minutes. If there is no external headset being used, your participants may start hearing an echo. 

You can help avoid this by using a headset and/or enabling the following 'experimental flag' in Google Chrome. Check out the screenshots below to help guide you through enabling this flag:

Turning the flag on for: 'Enable Delay Agnostic AEC in WebRTC' 

1. In your browser visit chrome://flags

2. Use [command+F] to search for the flag: 'Enable Delay Agnostic AEC in WebRTC'

3. Click 'Enable' for the flag.

Note: This flag is enabled by default in Chrome Version 44 and higher. Previous versions will need to enable by following the steps above. In certain cases, you'll need to follow the steps if it's somehow not already enabled.

4. You'll need to restart your browser for this to take effect. A button will appear at the bottom of the chrome://flags page after the setting has been changed that will allow you to restart, or you can just quit/restart the browser

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