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Both Organizers and Participants can share a file during a conference as long as they have an UberConference account. Here’s how:

  • Join the conference via web
  • Once your Participants have joined, click on Share on your bottom navigation menu
  • Click Share a File

We support files from the following third-party sites:

  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • Evernote
  • Dropbox (make sure to verify your Dropbox email first)
  • Your Computer

All your notes and files are saved via Google Drive, Box, Evernote, Dropbox, or Your Computer. No copies are saved with UberConference.

We’re able to do this by adjusting the settings for that file(s) you shared. If you don’t want an item shared after the call, you can change the settings back to the default in your Google Drive, Evernote, etc.

Shareable File Types

We try to keep it convenient for you to share files in UberConference. That’s why we support a large number of file types. Don’t see a file type on the list? Drop a line in our Community.

Google Drive

Any files that are supported in Google Drive can be shared in UberConference.


  • Adobe Acrobat (pdf)
  • Adobe Illustrator (ai)
  • Adobe Photoshop (psd)
  • CSV
  • HTML
  • MS Excel (xls, xlsx)
  • MS Powerpoint (ppt, pptx)
  • MS Word (doc, docx)
  • Open Office Presentation (odp)
  • Open Office Spreadsheet (ods)
  • Open Office Word Processing (odt)
  • RTF
  • TXT
  • Word Perfect (wpd)
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • FLV
  • SWF
  • MP3


Any files that are supported in Dropbox can be shared in UberConference.


Any files that are supported in Evernote can be shared in UberConference.

Your Computer

  • Microsoft Word (doc, docx)
  • Powerpoint (ppt, pptx)
  • Adobe PDFs (pdf)

Common Questions

Can you edit files during a call?

Collaborative files, like Google Docs, can be editable to any Participant that already has editing rights.

With Box or Evernote, edits can only be made from their own sites. However, if you click Refresh in your UberConference, the latest edits will display.

Who can share files during a call?

Both Organizers and Participants can share files during a call as long as:

  • They have a UberConference account
  • They have linked their third-party account (Evernote, Box, etc.) to UberConference

If you don’t have a UberConference account but want to share a file, you’ll be prompted to create an account when you click on Share a File.

How come some documents aren’t showing up for my Participants?

In order for your Participants to view your files, UberConference adjusts your sharing settings to Anyone with the link can view.

However, if your Google Apps Admin prevents documents from being shared outside of your Organization, only Participants who already have access will be able to view your files.

UberConference Tip: Google users will need to be logged into their Google account within the same browser that they’re logged into UberConference.

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