Control Your Team's Conference Settings

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As an Admin for UberConference Business, you have the ability to control the following setting for your whole team.

Require Google SSO

Choose whether team members are required to sign on with their Google accounts. Learn more about enabling Google SSO.

Hold Music

Choose between:

  • User controlled
  • Pre-recorded music
  • Uploading your own music for your team (.mp3 and 10MB only)

Custom Greeting

Choose between:

  • User controlled
  • Pre-recorded Greeting
  • Uploading your own greeting for your team (.mp3 and 10MB only)

Learn more about uploading a custom greeting.


You can enable/disable your team from recording their conferences.

Recordings are only available to the Organizer for each UberConference line—the Admin does not have access to other users' conference recordings.


You can enable/disable in-call chat.

Require PIN

You can force all accounts to require a PIN or prevent all accounts from requiring a PIN. Users will be notified if this setting is changed.


You can prevent calls from starting until the organizer joins, users will be notified of this change. 

Choose to display a custom logo on your Team's conference dashboard and active conference. 

Learn more about uploading custom logos.

UberConference Tip: When a setting has been restricted by a Team Admin, it will be displayed as grayed out in all individual accounts affected by the change.

For the PIN and Joining requirements, users will be notified by email when those settings are changed.

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