Android for Work & UberConference

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Android for Work is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform for Google Apps customers. With Android for Work, IT Administrators get EMM features like:

  • Security and data separation
  • Remote device management
  • Application deployment control

For employees, this allows a simpler way to manage their work and personal lives from a single device, and the freedom to use a device of their choosing.

The UberConference Android app is fully compatible with Android for Work. If you’re an IT admin using Android for Work to manage your company’s mobile devices, here’s some information on how to make UberConference available for all of your employees through Android for Work.

Enable UberConference in Android for Work

In order to enable UberConference to be available for your employees to use under your domain, you must be an administrator for your company’s Google Apps account to whitelist applications for your domain.

Once you’re logged in to an Administrator account, you can approve the UberConference app in Google Play for Work from this link.

Once you've approved the app, follow these steps to add UberConference to your 'whitelist'. 

Install Android for Work

Once your device is provisioned for Android for Work by your IT administrator, simply open the Android for Work Play Store. You can recognize this by looking for the orange Android for Work badge.

From the Play for Work store, search for UberConference and click Install. From here you'll see the UberConference app appear in your app drawer with the orange Android for Work badge.


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