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Install & Launch

Download the Android app. The app is compatible with version 4.1 and up.


Open up the app and choose between either:

  • Logging in with Google / Office 365 / LinkedIn SSO
  • Logging in with your email and password
  • Creating a new UberConference account

Your Conference Dashboard

Once you're in the app, the first thing you'll notice is your conference dashboard. Just like on the web, you'll see options to start or join a conference and to share your conference info with Participants.


Start a Call

Launch a conference call within seconds. Here's how:

  • Tap Start Conference
  • Select HD Call or Carrier Call
  • Enter conference PIN (if required)
  • (Carrier only) Navigate back & open your UberConference app 

And that's it - you'll be pulled into your active conference screen where you'll have access to features like Record, Mute, View Participants, etc. 

Invite your Participants

Easily invite Participants from UberConference or your personal device straight from the app. Organizers have the option to add Participants:

  • When starting a conference
  • During an active conference
  • On upcoming conferences

Starting a Conference

To invite Participants to a conference that you're starting instantly, follow these steps:

  • Tap Start Conference
  • Select Add Participants
  • Select your contacts from either FrequentUC Contacts, or Personal
  • Select Invite


If you've added a phone number to your contact, we'll auto-dial out to them to join your conference. Otherwise, we'll send them the invite via email. 

On an Active Conference

To invite Participants to an already active conference, follow these steps:

  • Select More>Add Participant from your active conference screen
  • Follow the steps outlined above to add your Participants 


On a Scheduled Call

To invite Participants on a scheduled call, follow these steps:

  • Tap the three bar menu on your conference dashboard>Conferences
  • Tap the + to schedule a new conference
  • Tap on Add Participants
  • Follow the steps outlined above to add your Participants


Join Another Conference

Join a conference right from the app. Here's how:

  • Tap Join Another Call
  • Enter the URL of your Organizer's conference
  • Tap Join This Conference


From here, just navigate back to the UberConference app to view the active conference screen.

UberConference Tip: Before joining, you'll have the option to access controls like Viewers, or Chat. Don't worry, though - you'll still have access to those controls during your call. 

Schedule a Call

Schedule a conference call straight from your phone. Here's how:

  • Tap the three bar menu on your conference dashboard>Conferences
  • Tap the + to schedule a new conference

Just like on the web, Organizers can adjust conference details like Participants, date, time, and whether the meeting is recurring or not (UberConference Business). 


Tap Next to opt to add the conference to your personal calendar and if you want to auto-dial out to your Participants (UberConference Business). 

UberConference Tip: Auto-dialing is only available on non-scheduled calls for both UberConference Business + Free accounts. 

Access Conference Controls

Both Organizers and Participants have access to certain call controls. Here's a breakdown of the controls available to each:

Call Control Available For (Organizer, Participants, Both)
View Participant profiles Both
View a screen share Both
Mute other Participants Both
Access a list of Viewers Both
Send a chat Both
End Call (Hang Up + Keep Viewing) Participants
End Call (Hang Up + Leave Room) Participants
Record a conference Organizers
Hang up individual Participants Organizers
Lock the conference Organizers
Add a Participant  Organizers


View Upcoming and Past Conferences

Need to take a quick look ahead to next week's meetings? View both upcoming and past conference right within the app. Here's how:

  • Tap the three bar menu on your conference dashboard>Conferences
  • Toggle between History and Upcoming to view your conference info


UberConference Tip: Selecting a conference from History will pull up your call summary, while selecting a conference from Upcoming will allow you to edit the details. 

View Conference Settings

While you're able to adjust your conference settings via the web at any time, we also give you the option to make these changes right from your Android app. 

Just tap the three bar menu on your conference dashboard then Settings to view/edit info and settings like:

  • Hold Music
  • Time Zone
  • Social Connections
  • Conference Notifications



Have more questions about our mobile apps? Check out our FAQ.



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