Reduce Spam on Toll-Free Lines

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If you have experienced spam callers dialing in and sitting on your toll-free line, Uberconference has now enacted an IVR to weed out these uninvited users.

How it Works

The first participant to dial into your toll-free line will hear an IVR that states, "You are the first participant on the call. To join, press 1." 

- If the caller presses 1: Caller will be placed into the call
- If the caller does not press 1: The IVR will replay, giving the caller 1 minute to respond. If they don't, we'll disconnect them from the call. 

Special Cases

There are special cases where a caller will not hear the IVR. These are:

- If the caller is the Organizer
- If another participant joins before the caller
- If the caller is the Organizer (or any user's) contact
- If the caller has accepted the IVR previously
- If the caller has been on a different Uberconference call for at least 5 mins
- If the caller is calling into a non-toll free line

Moving forward, Organizer's will only receive notifications when a non-spam participant has joined their conference. 

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