Troubleshoot Screen Sharing

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If you're having trouble sharing your screen, here are a few steps to follow that will fix the most common issues. 

Connect to a Call Using your Computer

This will check off a few potential firewall issues. If connecting through your computer doesn't work, you might need to talk to your internet provider or company about enabling UberConference or WebRTC connections on your network. 

WebRTC is the technology that allows you to connect through your browser and computer. 

Clear your Browser Cache

Screen sharing is a graphics intensive process, older processors may need to clear memory to make room.

In Google Chrome, go to Settings>History>Clear Browsing Data>Check Cached images and files and Cookies and other site plug-in data.

Close/Quit Browser & Terminate Browser Processes

Closing the browser is not enough as the browser might still be running in the background.  You need to terminate the process by pressing CTL+ALT+DEL on a PC or Quit + Function on a Mac.  

Open a Support Ticket

If the steps above don't solve your issue, reach out to our support team take a look.  

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