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Both Free and Business accounts can have International Participants join their conferences — the only difference is the way in which they connect.

Free Accounts

International Participants can join via the conference URL. They’ll be able to either connect their audio via My Computer or they can opt to View Only.

Business Accounts

International Participants can join via:

  • Conference URL (includes connecting audio via My Computer or View Only)
  • Phone (requires International Access #)

International Access Numbers

With an international access #, International Participants can use their phone to call into UberConference without incurring high fees.

UberConference offers international access # to over 50 countries. To use an International Access #, follow the steps outlined below.

Connect via Phone

Follow these steps if you’re only accessing the conference from your phone:

  • Dial the access # based on your location
  • When prompted, enter your Organizer’s conference number and/or PIN
  • Press #

Connect via Phone from Web

Follow these steps if you’re viewing the conference from the web but want to connect audio via your phone:

  • From the active conference screen, click on My Phone
  • Follow the instructions outlined under International Dial-In

UberConference Tip: A link to our International Access page can be found at the bottom of your emailed invite.

Access Numbers and Calendar Invites

If you’ve integrated your Google Calendar or Outlook, you can automatically add International Access # to your calendar invites. You can select as many International Access # as you need. 

Common Questions

Can International Participants call directly into my conference if I have a toll-free number?

Nope. Toll-Free numbers are only accessible from the US or CA. Your International Participants will have to access your conference either by:

  • Following the International Access Numbers instructions
  • Dialing your local conference number at their own expense

How do I get a local conference number in my country?

International conference numbers are currently only available to businesses of a certain size. If you’re interested, you can reach out to our sales team. We’re able to provide conference numbers for the following countries.

Can International Participants use the mobile app to call into my conference?

Technically yes, but keep this in mind:

Since the mobile app uses your carrier to place the call, using the mobile app to connect will most likely incur high fees for your International Participants. That’s why we suggest that you only use the mobile app when you’re calling a # from within your own country.

I don’t have a local conference #. Can I still use the app in my country?

As long as you’re the Organizer, you can still use the mobile app without placing a call. Here’s how:

  • Launch your conference via the web
  • If you need audio, select My Computer
  • Open the mobile app

You’ll see that you’re automatically placed in your conference, where you’ll see your Participants and conference controls.

If I'm traveling internationally how do I start my own conference?

Just follow the steps outlined above to start your own conference and if required by your account, enter in your Organizer credentials. 

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