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As an UberConference Business Admin, you can easily manage UberConference accounts for your entire team.

Let’s take a closer look at how to manage your team, starting with accessing your Admin controls.

Access your Admin Controls

Select My Team from your profile drop-down. Here you’ll see:

  • Account
  • Team Settings
  • Active Accounts
  • Awaiting Response

UberConference Tip: Working with an UberConference Reseller?


This is where you can review:

  • Active Accounts
  • Pending Invitations
  • Available Licenses

Plus you have the option to purchase more lines and create accounts.

Team Settings

Looking to have a little more control over your team’s conferences? This is the place to do it. From selecting hold music to uploading a custom logo.

Learn more about controlling your team's conference settings.

Active Accounts

Review a list of all team members who've accepted their invitations, or members that you've fully created accounts.


From here an admin can:

  • See the original invite address, users conference line number and/or PIN
  • Downgrade a user
  • Delete a user
  • Export your team members call history
  • Downgrade from toll-free > local
  • Upgrade local user to toll-free
  • Resend Welcome Email


UberConference Tip: Admin's can Export a Team List CSV to see a list of all of their users and their conference information. 

Awaiting Response

Review all accounts that are still awaiting a response, with the option to either Resend or Delete

Remove or Delete an Account

To remove or delete an account from your Team:

  • Navigate to My Team>Active Accounts
  • Click on the drop-down arrow next to the user’s name
  • Select Downgrade or Delete* from the drop-down menu
  • Confirm the change to your account


*Admins can only delete users that have matching domains to their account with the exception of the following:


If the admin or team member has an email domain listed above they will not be able to complete the deletion and can only downgrade that user to a free state. 

Once the user has been downgraded or deleted, an available license(s) will now appear under Account. You can then create a new user from here by either inviting them via email or creating their account.

If you no longer need the available user license, please send a request to our support team and we'll remove the license(s) from your account so that you aren't billed for licenses you're not using.

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