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Launch the Add-In

The UberConference Outlook Add-in lets you schedule, organize and modify conferences within Outlook events and manage your contacts within Outlook. 

Click here to download the add-in. Keep the following in mind:

  • The add-in is only available for Windows users with the Outlook client installed
  • You may need to let your virus scan allow the download
  • If you signed up for UberConference using single sign-on (SSO) you'll need to create a password with UberConference first

Create a New Password

  • Navigate to uberconference.com (be sure that you're logged out)
  • Click Login
  • Type your email into the email field (use the email associated with your SSO account)
  • Click Forgot Password

We'll email you a password reset link. And don't worry - this doesn't change the password for your SSO-enabled account. 

This just creates a new UberConference password since you don't have one initially when using SSO.

Schedule a Call

The UberConference Add-In will display in the mail and calendar view of Outlook. 

To schedule a call:

  • Click on the New Meeting button
  • A new meeting window will open with your conference info pre-populated
  • Add your Participants and set the time for the meeting

UberConference will automatically schedule the call for you.

Email View

Calendar View

When scheduling a conference with the add-in, the scheduled conference appears in Outlook and not UberConference. 

When it's time to start your scheduled conference, you'll just simply join the call by clicking on either your conference URL in the invite or by navigating to your conference URL on your own. 

As soon as an Organizer and at least one Participant join, your call will start.

Import Contacts

Importing your Outlook contacts will allow UberConference to identify conference Participants by matching the caller from your contact list. 

When you first open the add-in, it will automatically sync your contacts to UberConference. To import your contacts manually:

  • Navigate to the People view
  • Click on Synchronize Contacts

This may take a few minutes depending on how many contacts you have. 

To verify that your contacts have been imported:

  • Navigate to your Account page
  • Click on Edit Contacts

If contacts have been imported successfully, you'll see them displayed.

Modify a Conference

To modify a meeting's time or date, click on the conference and adjust your details from your UberConference portal. 

To delete an UberConference invite, just open up the event, and select Delete Meeting from the drop-down menu.

To change UberConference accounts, go to Add Meeting>Login Settings, and disconnect/reconnect with your UberConference login and password.

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