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HubSpot integration offers users the ability to create UberConference events directly from inside the CRM itself, making it that much simpler to schedule conferences and organize these events in your timeline. 

Enable the Integration

  • In Hubspot, navigate to Settings>Integrations
  • Click Browse All Integrations
  • Scroll down to Uberconference and click Integrate
  • Follow the prompts to authorize


Schedule a Conference

  • Visit the Contacts tab in Hubspot
  • Select and Open a Primary Contact
  • Scroll down to the UberConference widget
  • Enter your conference details 
  • Enter any additional Participants to invite

UberConference Tip: The integration doesn't support phone #s for conference invites.


Your scheduled conference is now placed into that HubSpot contact's timeline and you’ll receive a confirmation email with meeting details.


From this email, you can click the Add to Calendar button to populate the event in the calendar of your choice.


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