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To integrate your Google Calendar with UberConference, you'll need to first download and install the Chrome Extension.


Schedule with Google 

Click on the Schedule with Google link on the Chrome Extension to bring up your calendar invite with your UberConference information automatically preloaded.

When scheduling a conference with the add-in, the scheduled conference appears in Google and not UberConference. 

When it's time to start your scheduled conference, you'll just simply join the call by clicking on either your conference URL in the invite or by navigating to your conference URL on your own. 

As soon as an Organizer and at least one Participant join, your call will start.

Adding International Access Numbers (Business)

For your international participants, you can add an international access number to your conference. Just click on the Intl. Access No. link to bring up your menu of available countries. 

International joining instructions will be included alongside the selected access numbers. Need a refresher on our international access feature

Join UberConference Shortcut

Once you've sent out your calendar invite, your participants will see the option to Join Conference on their invite (as long as they have the Chrome Extension installed). 

This shortcut will take you or your participants to the conference dashboard and give you the option to immediately connect to your conference. 

Removing UberConference

To remove the UberConference link and info from your event, click on Remove



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