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Why aren't my conference calls being logged?

If your conference calls aren't logging in Salesforce, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Was the Salesforce contact created in Salesforce before your conference call ended?
  2. Is there more than 1 contact with that same name? 
  3. Is there more than 1 contact with that same phone number?

If you answered Yes to the questions above, try this troubleshooting steps before reaching out to our support team:

Link Salesforce to Social Profile

If more than 1 contact in Salesforce has the same name, you can link the correct Salesforce account to your Participant's Social Profile

Here's how:

  • Select View Profile on your Participant's card
  • Select Wrong Person
  • Select the correct contact


UberConference Tip: We search Salesforce contacts by the name of your Participant so make sure the names in Salesforce and UberConference match. 

If you don't end up manually linking your Participants to a Salesforce contact and we find multiple matches, your calls won't be logged under any of the matches.

Create an UberConference Contact

If you're having issues with calls matching to your contacts, you can opt to create the contact in UberConference first and then link to Salesforce afterward via the Social Profile.

Moving forward, your Participant will be linked to your UberConference account and the Salesforce account on future calls. 




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