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Unless your code discounts the full balance of your first checkout transaction, you will be required to provide a credit card at the time of purchase.

During the promotional period, you have the option to downgrade your account to the Free version of UberConference or cancel your service entirely at any time.

This can be done on your UberConference Account page. If you wish to continue with UberConference Business, you will receive a bill beginning three months after your signup date.

At the end of your promotional period, if you have not provided a credit card, downgraded to UberConference Free, or canceled your account, your account will enter a Hold Status where it will remain for 30 days until we receive your payment information.

If after the 30 days we still do not receive payment, your account and UberConference line will no longer be active in service. In order to re-active your account, please contact our support team.

If you choose to downgrade your UberConference Business, you will lose access to your local number, Analytics, and all other Business features. You will still have access to your past conference information, such a call history, chat transcripts, and call recordings.

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