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Anyone can start a chat once they’ve joined the conference via the web. Just click on the chat icon on the right-hand sidebar to expand your chat bar.

Depending on your conference settings, your chat bar may auto-expand when the first message is sent.

Looking for a copy of your chat transcripts? First, make sure you’ve set this in your conference settings. Once this is done, Organizers will have the option to download any future transcripts:

  • On the call summary pop-up after a conference has ended
  • Under Conferences>Past Conferences>Call Summary

UberConference Tip: Downloading a recording will open a new window within your browser that lists the entire transcript.

Just like your recordings, a link to your chat transcripts can be shared with your Participants if you’ve enabled this option in your conference settings. If you enable this, your chat transcript will be available right within the call summary.

Don't have the option to chat? Your Admin may need to enable this under Team Settings.

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