Change your Email

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Change your Email 

  1. Navigate to Account>Email Address>Add Email
  2. Add your new email and Hit Enter
  3. Click Verify


We'll send you a confirmation email to verify the added email address. Select Verify Email to be brought back to UberConference.


Once you're back in UberConference and have logged back in, navigate back to your Account and select Make Primary next to the email address you've added.


Remove an Email Address

To remove an email associated with your account:

  • Navigate to Account>Email Address
  • Hover over the email you want to remove
  • Click the red X to remove

UberConference Tip: Email addresses must be unique to individual accounts in order to work. 

Changing from SSO to email/password? Follow the steps above, then request a new password through UberConference.

Keep in mind that if a team member is changing from SSO to email/password, the team Admin must disable Google SSO login.

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