System Requirements

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UberConference is made to work with most users' browser type and internet speed, plus no downloads are required. We do have some requirements, however, to get the best experience. Those include:

  • 100kbps connection speed (both upload and download speeds)
  • Latest Chrome browser for screen sharing (no canary or developer versions)

Worried that your computer still won't connect? Make sure to check the following areas:

Test Call Quality

On your conference dashboard, click Test Call Quality. This will test the following:

  • Microphone
  • Audio Playback
  • Network Connectivity
  • Data Transfer
  • VoIP
  • Audio Input

If something's wrong, we'll let you know and give you the steps to fix it.

Screen Sharing

Make sure that you've set up the following for screen share:

If you're only viewing a screen share, you can use the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge

UberConference Tip: To connect audio through your computer rather than over the phone, only Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are supported.

Mic and Speakers

If your computer doesn't have built-in mic and speakers, we recommend using a headset (like Logitech H390 or Plantronics Blackwire C315). Plus, headsets cut down on background noise and any chance of echo.

Routers and Ports

You'll want to make sure your router has SIP ALG disabled and that you've opened the following ports on your firewall:

Protocol Ports Direction
TCP 80/443 Out
TCP 6800/5222/5223/7060 Out
UDP 5060/5061/7060/11000/16600 to 16998/19305 Out
UDP UDP outbound
"" "" UDP bidirectional
UDP 16384 to 32768 Out


What are these ports used for?

80/443: Websockets to communicate with our servers
6800/5222/5223/7060: Outbound calls
5060/5061/7060/11000/16600 to 16998/19305: Outbound calls ICE protocol to determine public address
16384 to 32768: Only open this if your network isn't D-NAT

Usually there's no need to turn on QoS on your router unless you have a large network with several thousand employees.

UberConference Tip: These ports need to be open to create outbound UDP. UberConference will piggyback on this open pinhole to send back UDP traffic.  

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