Adjust Notification Preferences

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Need to adjust what notifications you receive for your scheduled conferences? Navigate to Settings>Notification Preferences.

Looking to adjust notifications for conferences you’ve been invited to? You’ll need to contact the Organizer directly.


Organizers can choose to receive notifications for:

  • Conference created (text and/or email)
  • Five-minute reminder (text and/or email)
  • Someone waiting on the line (email)
  • Product updates (email)

Call Summary

This is where Participant notifications come into play. Organizers can choose whether they want Participants to receive an emailed call summary.

Organizers can also set call summary notifications for themselves here, too.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Call summaries sent to Participants do not include recordings
  • Free accounts cannot unselect sending email summaries to Participants

Contact Information

Here’s where you choose how to receive notifications - either by text or through email.

UberConference Tip: If you check Send me the summary under Call Summary, we’ll send it to your primary email address.

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