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Managing Live Conferences

Hugo Romano
posted this on December 10, 2013, 9:50 AM

Table of Contents

  1. Controlling Conferences
    1. As a Conference Organizer
    2. As an Invited Participant 

1. Controlling Conferences

Once connected to a conference, you’ll be presented the Conference Dashboard. Depending on whether you are connected as a conference participant or conference organizer, you’ll have access to different sets of controls.


2a. As a Conference Organizer

You have all the same controls as invited participants, plus the ones listed below:

  • Invite - invite additional participants to the current conference

  • Record - record the current conference

  • Lock - restrict additional participants from joining the conference

  • Hang Up - individuals from the conference or end the whole conference

  • Rename participants - Rename participants by clicking on their names


After your conference is completed both participants and organizers will receive a conference summary with information such as the time, duration, total participants and chat transcripts.  The conference recordings will only be available to the organizer.

2b. As an Invited Participant

You have access to to following controls:

  • Social Profile - access Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google + information. You need to link your own social accounts to be able to view this information.

  • Document Share (need to be logged in) - share Box or Evernote documents with logged-in participants.

  • Chat - with everyone on the conference

  • Mute - others and yourself

  • Hang Up - yourself from the conference

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